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2019 Speakers


Cassandra is an employee engagement specialist and motivational map practitioner, who is passionate about making a difference in the field of employee engagement and motivation. She believes if you understand what motivates individual employees, you can deliver a great ‘Employee Experience’ and in turn create high performing teams who are committed to the long-term vision and profitability of a business. Cassandra is regularly asked to talk on the subject of Employee Engagement. She is the founder of Engaging Norfolk part of the Engage for Success movement and is on a personal mission to make Norfolk known as a great place to work! With 17 years HR experience working across the private and not for profit sectors Cassandra has extensive knowledge of FMCG, Retail and the Care Sector. She also successfully owned and operated a recruitment business across East Anglia. Cassandra has recently judged at the prestigious 2018 Employee Experience Awards which celebrates excellence in Employee Experience. She has designed, implemented and led employee engagement programmes winning regional business awards for ‘Employer of the Year’. Sessions: Crack the motivation code!


Dani is a data analyst with five years experience. Passionate about analysing data and providing meaningful information to support decision-making.  Dani enjoys learning new languages, packages, and tools to aid in this process from spreadsheets to Python to BI tools. Dani loves getting her hands dirty by inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data


Giovanni works as a Principal Consultant for Zuhlke Engineering in London. He has been helping software companies and teams become more successful for many years by providing consulting, training and advice, as well as coding, to projects of all sizes. He is both a frequent conference speaker, and organiser. He is a past Chair of the London XPDay and the ACCU conferences, the Industry & Practice co-chair for XP2016, and the Conference Chair for SPA 2018 and SPA 2019. He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society, and contributed to the book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, published by O'Reilly


Matthew is a passionate technical leader and agile evangelist from the UK. He enjoys disrupting the status quo to bring about transformational change and technical excellence. With a strong technical background in Polyglot Software Engineering, DevOps and AWS Cloud Architecture, he uses this knowledge to build large, distributed, scalable solutions. Matthew promotes best practice in order to create high value, high-quality software products, as well as coaching others to be a master of their craft.

He is currently focussing on delivering market-leading, data science features using Machine Learning and big data for SessionCam, a vibrant SaaS company. Managing and uniting a cross-functional team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists, he uses agile practices to ambitiously deliver value every two weeks.


Paul is a Software Engineer, currently at Codeweavers Ltd, who has worked in a variety of environments from entirely colocated to 100% remote working companies.

He has plenty of say on Agile processes and ways of working with an ambition to make us all a little happier at work.


Working remote vs Working colocated


Frances is currently editor of the ACCU’s Overload magazine. She has a PhD in machine learning and has worked in various companies with a finance focus.

She has talked and written about various ways to program your way out of a paper bag, providing a gentle introduction to some machine learning approaches, while trying to keep up to date with new techniques.


Code Your way out of a paper bag

She's written a book on genetic algorithms and machine learning.


Andy Courtenay is currently the Infrastructure Manager for Evoke Systems Ltd. Many years ago, as he watched the network infrastructure he’d just inherited meltdown around him Andy concluded that he never wanted to do that job again. Inevitably he’s doing it again (but this time in a delightfully Solaris free environment). In between attempting to PowerShell script the world into doing his bidding Andy has also been (and occasionally still is) a software developer, experienced in both Java and C#. He also likes cats.


Dom Davis is a veteran of The City and a casualty of The Financial Crisis. Not content with bringing the world to its knees he then went off to help break the internet before winding up in Norfolk. Dom is an enthusiastic and impassioned speaker [read: he gabbles] who uses a blend of irreverent sarcasm and flippant humour to bring complex subjects to a broad audience. Whether or not they understand him is up for debate, but he likes to believe they do.


 am a lecturer, an entrepreneur and an all-round, self-confessed, completely unashamed education geek

I’ve been teaching enterprise and entrepreneurial skills for almost a decade now, and I currently lecture at a number of institutions around the UK, delivering across a range of course including The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business Modelling, Business Strategy, and Business Planning. I also mentor a number of start-up businesses and consult on business growth ad development for a range of companies.

In a nutshell, my twin passions of business and education have led me to become an expert in the field of entrepreneurship. My unique experience as both a practitioner and educator enables me to help people to successfully create, grow and develop their professional ventures. I’m incredibly driven by an experiential approach to learning that helps people to bring their ideas to life, and I believe that entrepreneurship is, and should be, for anyone and everyone.

Matt Draycott

John is the Chief Technology Officer at Axon Vibe,  co-founder and chairs SyncNorwich – Tech & Startup Community & Sync the City – Norwich’s 54 Hour Startup Event.

John has a background in location data and technology, having worked at, bing maps and now Axon Vibe.  Axon Vibe build mobile location solutions to power the biggest disruption in transport (known as Transport-as-a-Service).


Orchestrated Mobility - Changing The Way We Move

Artist & Family Mental Health Activist

Talking lived experience and visual art to engage, question and change how mental health is approached.

Finding a Voice 2018 FAV18 Exhibition October

MESH talk. Print to the People

Shedding the light on loneliness and isolation conference, Thetford

Shedding the light on loneliness and isolation conference, Lowestoft.

Finding a Voice 17, FAV17 Exhibition Nunnsyard Gallery, Norwich

Co facilitating with Dr Nic Yeates, Domestic Abuse Unit, 3rd yr, Clinical Psychology UEA

Continuing to make and share, making the uncomfortable visible.

Speaker: Conference in Creative Co-production
MA Fine Art, Norwich University of the Arts. NUA 2011
BA Fine Art, Printmaking, Norwich University of the Arts. NUA 2009


I studied Business Information Technology at Norwich City College back in the mid 90s and have worked in IT ever since. I always thought I'd be an IT Manager one day but things took a fortuitous turn in 2012, after being made redundant, and I am now the Managing Director of Breakwater IT. I have worked in the IT service sector for 11 years of my career, 7 in the legal sector and a couple in a recruitment business.


Ian is an Energy Coach and founder of Yellow Brick Road and is a digital constant energy coaching solution that helps you optimise your energy and minimise your stress.

Ian is also a Tedx speaker. His Tedx talk focussed on How to Dream Big and describes his strategy to qualify for the Ironman World Championships, in Kona, Hawaii. Ian has previously represented Team GB at Long Distance Triathlon. He’s a Dad, husband and a dreamer!


Don’t fall over like Elon Musk did – How to stay energised and disrupt an industry


Tom has almost 15 years of experience in design, development and usability, for both client- and agency-side backgrounds. Over his professional career he’s worked with Virgin Money, ASDA, HMV, Arco, Econsultancy, BBC and RAC before starting The User Story. He’s spoken at international conferences and events, and has a guest lecturing position for BSc User Experience and Interaction Design courses at Norwich University of the Arts, inspiring young people into a career in user-centred design.


consultant · father · he/him · husband · itinerant · programmer · speaker · trainer · writer Kevlin is our opening keynote speaker on Friday morning.


Paul is a Senior Manager of Product Development for Pitney Bowes’ Customer Engagement Solutions, leading the teams building the Digital Product suite, including EngageOne Video (an interactive and personalised video platform), EngageOne Converse (a chat bot system) and EngageOne Communicate (a communication hub).  Prior to this Paul has worked as a developer at a number of companies and ran two independent games studios building cross-platform games (which he still does part-time today).  He has a passion for new technology (of which Augmented Reality is a firm favourite) and future gazing to explore where technology is heading.


I’m a self employed software consultant specialising in practice, process, TDD, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking. I’ve worked with Accenture, Aviva, Cisco, Ericsson, Friends Provident, HP, Microsoft, Ordnance Survey, RBS, Reuters, Renault F1, Schlumberger, Tandberg and many many more. I’m 33 years old (hex) and I’ve loved software since I was 10 (decimal). I live in Somerset in England. I’m married to the beautiful Natalie and dad to Ellie, Penny and Patrick. I love coarse fishing and salmon fishing. I’m the ex ACCU conference chairman. I’ve had some C# books published. I’m the co-author with Olve Maudal of the Deep C/C++ slide deck nearly 1,000,000 views). On twitter I’m @JonJagger. I built to promote deliberate practice for software development.


Allan Kelly is a recognised expert in software development processes and management. He uses agile approaches to help teams and companies enhance their processes and improve their digital products. Past clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Qualcomm, The Bank of England, Reed Elsevier and many small innovative companies, especially in Cornwall. He invented Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. He is the author of "Dear Customer, the truth about IT" and books including "Project Myopia", "Continuous Digital", "Xanpan" and  "Business Patterns for Software Developers". His blog is at and on twitter he is @allankellynet.


Liz Keogh is a Lean and Agile consultant based in London. She is a well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a passionate advocate of the Cynefin framework and its ability to change mindsets. She has a strong technical background with 20 years’ experience in delivering value and coaching others to deliver, from small start-ups to global enterprises. Most of her work now focuses on Lean, Agile and organizational transformations, and the use of transparency, positive language, well-formed outcomes and safe-to-fail experiments in making change innovative, easy and fun.


Juliana Meyer, founder and CEO of SupaPass, is an award-winning entrepreneur. She set up her first business at the age of 16 and graduated with an Engineering Science Degree from Oxford University. Juliana has worked in the Entertainment Industry for 20 years and the Tech Industry for 7 years. Juliana also co-founded SyncNorwich, Norwich’s tech & startup community with over 1,500 members and has been a mentor and judge for various startups and events. She has won several tech, music and entrepreneur awards and is a regular expert speaker at national and international conferences including keynote speeches.

SupaPass makes market-leading content apps affordable for the millions of potential businesses & influencers wanting to monetise their content direct-to-consumer. SupaPass is disrupting a multi-billion dollar market, by giving businesses the opportunity to finally control their content, data and monetisation, within technology they can brand as their own.

About SupaPass
SupaPass makes market-leading content apps affordable for the millions of potential businesses & influencers wanting to monetise their content direct-to-consumer.  SupaPass is disrupting a multi-billion dollar market, by giving businesses the opportunity to finally control their content, data and monetisation, within technology they can brand as their own.

Tom is a Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business developer and Microsoft MVP with over 10 years experience in the software development industry. He is the Product Innovation Architect at Modality Systems (, a top-tier Microsoft Gold Partner for Communication that deliver software solutions to FTSE 100 companies, multi-national corporations, government organizations and charities. He is based in the UK but travels worldwide to help customers achieve more from their communication platform. He is also passionate about creating great software that people will find useful. He blogs at about Teams, Skype for Business, AI and Bots with plenty of code samples and freely available products. He is an international speaker and storyteller and a contributing author on the Skype for Business Unleashed book (published 2016).

Sessions:  Build a Bot in 90 mins

Freelance Design Consultant
Adrian started coding aged seven, learning at first by copying games listings from the back of computer magazines into a Texas Instruments home computer. This interest consumed him and he worked his way through countless computers, programming languages and technologies including writing artificial neural networks, designing and building a brain activity scanner and writing for an international computer magazine, all before starting his Neuroscience degree.With more than 37 years’ programming experience, Adrian still codes almost every day, and spends most of his work time consulting on software development from a broader perspective, including programming, architecture, patterns and practices. The agile movement has changed the way Adrian operates: challenging and shaping established processes and inventing new ones, such as Bug First Development.Most recently, Adrian has fallen back in love with artificial intelligence, particularly automated machine learning and has integrated DataRobot and Microsoft AI into a number of organisations which have very quickly seen immense improvements in their efficiency and opportunity as a direct consequence.Adrian would love to hear from you to learn about your organisation
Freelance Design Consultant
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Friday's Keynote
Rupert ran away from the theatre to become a web developer at the turn of the century. Since then he’s been making mistakes at Neontribe as fast as he can, and has now got a good number under his belt. Recently he’s been using Javascript to help teenagers talk to doctors, Americans to buy airline tickets and everybody to find their way to the loo.


Saturday Tech: Attack of the Monorepos

Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path. She currently works as a lead front-end developer at legal tech startup and loves building javascript applications and speaking at technical conferences. Jennifer is an active member of the KC tech community and the founder of Kansas City Women in Technology(KCWiT), an organization aimed at growing the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. She's created a number of programs for KCWiT to help women and girls learn to code including CoderDojoKC, Coding & Cupcakes and Coding & Cocktails.  She is a Silicon Prairie Champion Award Nominee, Rising Trendsetter STEMMy award-winner, and is apparently Missouri's Coolest Woman according to Pure Wow. She doesn't blog much, but can handle 140 characters.

Jennifer WadellaTwitter

I am a test evangelist, teacher and international speaker, presenting workshops and talks on technical testing techniques. I’ve worked on award winning projects across a wide variety of technology sectors ranging from broadcast, digital, financial and public sector working with various Web, mobile and desktop technologies.

I’m an expert in technical testing and test automation and a passionate advocate of risk-based automation and automation in testing practices which I regularly blog about at and the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic. in London, a regular workshop for new and junior testers to receive free mentoring and lessons in software testing. I also have a keen interest in various technologies, developing new apps and Internet of thing devices regularly. You can get in touch with me on twitter: @2bittester