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  • 14 June 2022

    Facing the fear

    All conference speakers, regardless of, well anything really, share one thing in common. They all had to deliver their first talk. The first time they stood up in front of a group of people and imparted something. I cannot be more specific, because each and every one of those exp...

  • 13 June 2022

    The future works

    Keynote speaker and specialist in work-place innovation and optimisation, Rokker People’s Jim Marshall, spent some time talking to us about the future of work – providing us with real-world solutions rather than just abstractions. The nuts & bolts Having worked with the tech sect...

  • 13 June 2022

    Let the games begin

    Senior software engineer and video game modder and archivist, Codie Stella knows a thing or two about raising the dead. No, we’re not discussing ghouls 👻, Codie Stella is a game resurrectionist. Passion for programming Codie Stella started making addons for Garry’s Mod in their ...

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The front cover of February 2020 Conference Edition

February 2020 Conference Edition

Featuring; Interviews with the Ladies Hacking Society of Norwich. Articles on Train Wreck, Ramblings on Micro services, Tom's Top Tips for 2020, & What is design?

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